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What Is Seven Orders?

Navigators once plotted their courses by relying on lighthouses that were built along the coasts. Besides giving direction, the beams sent from these unique structures protected sea travelers from the dangerous rocks and currents that lurked just out of sight.

The best lighthouses were equipped with a special lens developed by Augustin Fresnel. Mr. Fresnel never patented his invention and all the world was free to use this powerful lens.

Lighthouses on the coasts needed a large and bright lens. Those houses situated on bays required a smaller light. The lighthouses that served the Great Lakes needed something in between.

The size of the lens was called the Order. The biggest and brightest was a First Order lens. The smallest was the Sixth Order. The one designed for the Great Lakes region became known as the Three-and-a-half Order. All together, there are seven orders of lenses, providing a light for every situation.

Seven Orders Press exists to provide a light for every traveler on Earth. Light to give direction, light to mark dangerous currents, and a beacon of hope for people everywhere.




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Shining the Light – Sharing the Hope!




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